I wouldn’t pitch a pup tent with this guy

:(Herewith my latest effort to convince the people of Southcentral Pennsylvania to abandon the great orange buffoon.)

Surely Donald Trump’s inappropriate comments to the Boy Scout Jamboree will be the last straw for millions of Americans who, after voting for him, regret his depraved performance as president. Presidents have long encouraged the scouts to become honest, decent young men. Not Mr. Trump. He took the low road, using his time to praise himself and condemn his political opponents while thousands of boys listened. How much of this ugliness must we take from this deranged and decadent man? Isn’t it past time to ask Mr. Trump the question posed to the mad senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy, when he attacked yet another innocent victim, “Have you [Mr. Trump] no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

Throughout his adult life, Trump has trampled the principles that define American democracy at its best, values the boys standing before him in West Virginia swore to uphold, things like helpfulness, kindness, bravery, and reverence. Trump has mocked the disabled, insulted veterans, assaulted women, and reportedly once knocked his own college-age son to the ground for wearing the wrong shirt. What should Americans, including the Christians who recently blessed Trump at the White House, say to the Boy Scouts about the vicious ramblings of an immoral, unhinged president? How long will people of goodwill tolerate his narcissistic self-indulgence?

It’s not easy to admit we made a mistake when we committed ourselves to an individual or an ideology that turns out to be devastatingly wrongheaded. Our confession will be accompanied by a lot of cognitive dissonance (psychological discomfort). But, it seems to me, as Mr. Trump’s short-comings and transgressions mount up, the pain he’s inflicting on individuals, the nation, and the world will far exceed the embarrassment we experience by admitting we backed the wrong horse.


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