Don’t put Donald Trump on the list

Columnist Gail Collins needn’t have bothered herself (Lancaster News Paper-LNP, 2/21/17) wondering if Donald Trump will do such a terrible job as president that historians will place him at the very bottom of the presidential rankings, thus moving Lancaster  PA’s favorite son, James Buchanan, out of the basement he’s occupied for so long. Throughout his election campaign and now in his first few days in office, Trump’s immoral, illegal, unconstitutional, and increasingly irrational behavior has disqualified him from even holding the office. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be on the list of legitimate presidents. The only reason he’s still in the White House is because those who have the authority and the responsibility to remove him have not, for whatever selfish reasons, done so. So, no worries, Ms. Collins, no need to inconvenience President Buchanan by forcing him to move upstairs and make room for a basement-dwelling, degenerate real estate salesman.


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  1. Judy · February 27, 2017

    true that…


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