A plea for sanity in American government

(The DJT Health Watch will be updated shortly, but events the past few days necessitated another letter to the editor of my local paper, which I share here as a call to action, of sorts. Stephen Bannon and Donald Trump have staged a coup:)

To the Editor,

Call me selfish if you want, but what I covet most of all is a peaceful world where our children and grandchildren can live and be safe. At the moment, the irrational behavior of our President (egged on by alter ego Stephen Bannon’s stated desire to “destroy the state…to bring everything crashing down” and restore something he calls “Judeo-Christian capitalism”) threatens to make my dream an impossibility.

The Muslim ban harms people and aids ISIS in its recruiting efforts. Resuming immoral practices like torture will inevitably expose US soldiers to more inhumane treatment when captured. What is Mexico to do after Mr. Trump insulted them, saying, “You aren’t doing enough to stop bad hombres down there. I think your military is scared. Our military isn’t, so I just might send them down to take care of it”? What happens when you threaten Iran, telling them they’re officially “on notice” for testing a missile? Will longtime ally Australia be there for us after Mr. Trump accused them of exporting terrorists to the US?

The world is not impressed with Trump or Bannon. European leaders consider the Trump administration a threat to Europe, equivalent to jihadism and China. They accuse Bannon, Trump’s “brain,” of working to destroy the European Union along with America. A top Vatican official criticized the Muslim ban as un-Christian, saying “Certainly there is concern because we are messengers of another culture, that of openness. We are builders of bridges, not of walls.”

Even conservative commentator Jonah Goldberg warned the course Trump/Bannon is on “could put the country in serious peril.” That is exactly what our Presidents have always sworn to prevent. There is a remedy for this madness. Congress should accept its Constitutional responsibility and remove this irrational President from power for our sake and the world’s.