Donald Trumps order barring refugees from entering the US, especially if they are Muslim or have fled a country with a large Muslim population, is dead wrong morally and most likely legally and Constitutionally. In taking such action, Mr. Trump has shown himself (and those who whisper in his ear these days) to be abject cowards who don’t really believe in the great national experiment in democracy and freedom known as the United States. You have to wonder what he’s afraid of. Is it these people?

Related image These people are Syrian refugees. The sleeping baby looks especially dangerous, don’t you think?

As I have begun documenting and will continue to document, this man Trump is mentally ill and his judgment, his essential humanity, is seriously impaired. I hope good, moral, American people will raise the roof in protesting this latest indignity inflicted on the world by our impostor President. It’s time to be in touch with our Congressional delegations and encourage them to earn their $175,000 a year (plus expenses) by striking down Trump’s executive order and making sure that the laws already on the books are observed and implemented with due process and honesty. In the meantime, we should keep the individuals and families snared in this god-awful mess in our thoughts and prayers until they can reach their (new) homes here in the US.May it happen soon.



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