We already live in Trumplandia and we didn’t even know it

As I slowly surfaced from the pit of depression and self-pity that I stumbled into on election night, I came across an essay by Paul Thomas, an associate professor at Furman University. His thoughts caught me in mid-howl over the unrighteousness of the President-elect. He pulled the rug out from under words I was using such as–unprecedented. The line that stopped me dead in my tracks was: “Donald Trump is the best and most accurate personification of who the US currently is, but also the embodiment of who we have always been.” That knocked the wind out of me, but as I struggle to catch my breath, I am reluctantly coming to see that he’s right. You can read his essay here:  https://medium.com/@plthomasedd/the-inevitable-rise-of-trumplandia-market-ideology-ate-our-democracy-98fe85fd4967#.sacynoyg6. If we all end up agreeing that we had it scoped wrong, we can start talking about how to get it right.




  1. Don Metzler-Smith · December 24, 2016


    This may be who some in our country are, but I categorically reject the author’s premise that the United States is this. A couple of many reasons are: 1) Trump is but a “blip” on the inevitable road to progress in the whole scheme of U.S. history ( I totally agree with Barack’s assessment that the progressive road has little bumps and detours in a democratic republic) and 2) Statistically, only three counties in the United States elected Donald Trump – Waukesha County, WI, Macomb County, MI and YORK COUNTY, Pennsylvania (please excuse my atrocious spelling of the Wisconsin and Michigan counties). That is the extent of Trump’s so-called “landslide”. The author is disregarding that the country is remarkably progressive (Hillary Clinton’s vote total was third in rank for the most votes in 54 presidential elections, with Obama’s total in 2008 and 2012 being numbers 1 and 2). Additionally, we will see if a President Trump administration can steer clear of scandal in the first 90 days. The “jury is out” on this! American institutions are bigger and stronger than one man (for example: Richard Nixon) We may be looking at President Pence before the first term is over!!

    Best regards,

    Don Metzler-Smith (a GC radical that knows the trenches from the ’70s)


    • Mark Kelley · December 24, 2016

      Keep the faith, Don. I am not quite as optimistic as you are, but I’m glad to know there are still real people willing to stand up for good things and stand against bad things in Trumplandia. Best, MK


      • Don Metzler-Smith · December 25, 2016

        Mark (and Marty),

        That’s Christmas – hope and faith. May you and yours have a Blessed Holiday Season!


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  2. Judy · December 26, 2016

    It,s an ugly truth laid bare. The only possibility for change is grassroots. If we act locally,maybe we can have some control over our lives.


    • Mark Kelley · December 26, 2016

      Thanks for this, Judy. I know you’re right, but I have to admit I’m already feeling a little tired about all the “acts” we need to engage in to prevent this ugliness from doing damage. Best, MK


  3. Marty Kelley · December 28, 2016

    I hope Don Metzler-Smith is right. It is my hope!! In the meantime we do need to be aware of and to respond to ugliness, prejudice and hatred openly displayed in our communities. We should have been responding to this all along.


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