Comey boosts the Comb-over

I won’t bother rehashing what we know about what FBI Director Comey did over the weekend and I’m not very receptive to explanations of the events (involving emails found on a Clinton aide’s computer) that suggest Comey is a man of high integrity and morals who felt he was doing his duty by sending Congress a vague letter that provided Donald Trump with more than enough room to accuse Hillary Clinton of some sort of criminal behavior. Everything I’m reading suggests Comey is clearly in the wrong here and his actions may have an unacceptable negative impact on the Presidential election. I am not interested in watching Comey beat his breast and proclaim his righteousness. Whatever his motivation…ego, self-righteousness, political loyalty…he has forfeited his privilege of serving as director of the FBI. He should resign immediately…and as he exits government service, he should be required to explain to the American people that he was in the wrong and that he encouraged them to think ill of a major Presidential candidate less than two weeks from the election. Rather than letting him crow about his commitment to righteousness, he should be forced to issue a very loud and contrite mea culpa, apologize to Hillary Clinton and to the American people, and then fade into the gloomy ignominy he has brought on the FBI and himself. These steps may not be sufficient to undo the damage he has done, but they’re a start.



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  1. Karen Sommers · November 1, 2016


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