Is Australia more civilized than we are?

With so many dead and wounded after the Orlando club massacre, it’s probably easy for a lot of us to connect to what happened. In my case, my wife, my daughter and her husband, my four grandsons, my brother-in-law, my uncle were all in Florida (for various reasons) and not all that far from Orlando. But for the grace of God and so forth… The first thing advocates of gun control suggest in the wake of such things is, well, more control of guns. And, of course, the gun enthusiasts pooh-pooh that with all the standard lines created for them by the NRA media office. Just for a moment, can we ask if gun control has ever made a difference after a tragic event like this? Apparently it did, in Australia, where politicians actually joined hands (maybe some of them with clothes pins on their noses) and passed some new laws. The mass shooting happened twenty years ago, the laws were put in place twenty years ago. Here’s an interesting factoid: there has not been a gun massacre in Australia since then. Here’s a link to an interview with a woman who knows how it came about:

If Australia can do it, why can’t we?



  1. Judy Williams · July 4, 2016

    After the Port Arthur massacre of 1996 (35 people killed in a single day by a lone gunman), Australia enacted the National Firearms Agreement (NFA), which included two nationwide gun buybacks, voluntary surrenders, state gun amnesties, a ban on the importation of new automatic and semiautomatic weapons, the tightening of gun owner licensing, and the creation of uniform national standards for gun registration. Australia collected and destroyed an estimated 650,000 firearms (a reduction equivalent to the removal of about forty million guns from the United States), which reduced Australia’s firearms stock by around one-fifth. Since then, deaths by firearms in Australia have dropped dramatically, despite claims to the contrary. Snopes puts those doubting claims to rest:

    What it takes is guts–something in short supply in our Congress.

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