A Plea to the Lancaster (PA) Paper

(Like many people, I am  appalled equally  by the comments spewing from Donald Trump’s mouth and the acrobatics leading Republicans are doing to find a way to support his candidacy without endorsing his hatefulness. In that frame of mind I decided to ask our local newspaper to provide a cleansing blast of clear, decisive editorializing. I’ll let you know what happens.)

Dear Editor,
The Lancaster Newspapers have long served as a voice of this community through thoughtful, articulate editorials expressing the values and concerns of the good citizens of Lancaster County. Now, as the disturbing 2016 Presidential primary season draws to a close, we need you to speak out on our behalf again. As national, Republican Party leaders agonize over how to support the Donald Trump who stained this political season with his lewd, crude, bigoted, immoral pronouncements, it would be a balm to our souls here in Lancaster County (Republican and Democrat alike, I suspect) if LNP stood up and boldly told the world Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President of the United States and, with a few exceptions, Lancaster County does not support him. Who knows, it might give the hand-wringing politicians elsewhere the courage to do the same and open the door for a candidate people could support without feeling nauseous.
Mark Kelley



  1. Marty Kelley · June 10, 2016

    Great message!


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