Bumper Sticker #2

Wars are never fought by the statesmen and politicians who start them. –A.A. Milne

Just a quick annotation: In selecting these ripe words from A.A. Milne, I have in mind more contemporary conflicts set in motion by more contemporary politicians and statesmen. In particular, I envision George W. Bush reigniting his father’s fuse in the Middle East that would explode into wars we can’t seem to get finished fighting back in 2001-2003, now somewhere in the back 4,000 acres of his Texas ranch, daubing oil on canvas for his latest pastoral painting. As I watch him indulge his creative urge, I see no side effects of the destructive urge he gave free reign to all those years and deaths ago. I have no idea what his evil compatriots, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are up to these days, but I would not expect to see any additional furrows creasing their brows as a result of the  death and destruction they brought upon the world.


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