If not now, when?

Okay, I’ve been a bit shy about pontificating or prognosticating about all the Presidential campaign stuff. I am appalled, as many people are,  by the level of discourse on the Republican side. Having long since realized the racist, discriminatory  underpinnings of today’s GOP, I wouldn’t consider voting for any of them.

On the Democratic side, I spent a long time trying to warm up to Hillary Clinton, but I gotta’ say, I really don’t like the Clintons much. I don’t think Bill actually did much, in the end, to help the poor and disadvantaged in his eight years in office. And, beyond that, by the time he left office, I had read so many TV news stories to our audience in Indiana and Michigan about cigars, interns, and his penis (and where it may or may not have been) that I really would have been happy to see the whole clan ride off into the sunset, never to return to public life. Alas, they’re still here, but even the prospect of the first woman President doesn’t move my needle very far toward her candidacy. As it turns out, this year it doesn’t have to.

If we assume that the Democrats are likely to win the White House again, thanks to the incredible turmoil know as today’s Republican Party, then I think it’s safe to let ourselves think and dream beyond the old “lesser of two evils” mentality that has guided my voting over so many years. This year we have Bernie Sanders running for the office, a man who has devoted his life to liberal principles like civil rights, economic fairness, and justice for all. I’m sure he has some warts (who among us doesn’t by the time we pass 65?) and given the rest of the political landscape (like gridlock in Congress), it’s hard to believe anybody can accomplish most of the things Sanders has spent his life working for. But, if the Democrats are likely to win, why not elect the candidate most in synch with those of us crazy enough and idealistic enough at our advancing age to think we could actually make this a fairer, more equal, more just nation. That is, as opposed to a candidate who certainly won’t do any of the awful things the Republicans are promising, but is still too ensnared in the establishment fabric to put it on the line for non-elite Americans, the ones who are working more and more and benefiting less and less. How long will it be before we have the stars aligned again just as they are right now, when–maybe, just maybe–the music of the spheres can ring out for freedom and justice and the true American way…the one they sold to us in elementary school. Feel the Bern…spread the word.



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