Nuclear lies may be the worst of all

By the time I finished writing my historical novel detailing my mother’s tragic experience with the atomic bomb (Rain of Ruin, 2011), I was convinced that nuclear science wasn’t safe for military or civilian applications. I lived through the TMI accident (twenty miles downwind, to be exact, with a six month old daughter), and I remember the lies we were told by plant and public officials to keep us from reacting too much to what happened. When the Fukushima disaster happened more recently, I watched officials follow the same game plan: downplay and lie about the incident at first, then reluctantly fess up when it becomes obvious the nuclear damage and consequent harm to human beings is much worse than they first admitted.

We learned lessons from TMI that our society and much of the world have chosen to ignore or forget altogether. Fortunately, there are a few folks around who keep reminding us of the imminent danger and deceitful dealings that surround the nuclear industries to this day. Harvey Wasserman, writing for Reader Supported News, is one of them. Here’s a link to his latest reminder:

I urge you to read it (and maybe make a contribution to the financially beleaguered Reader Supported News while you’re at it). Peace.


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