I’ll be in mourning all day…

In fact, maybe for the next four years. Much to my chagrin and disappointment, my fellow Mainers reelected Paul LePage, the worst, meanest, crudest, combative governor I’ve ever seen. He’s being sworn in today. Four years ago I was driving downstate as he gave his inaugural address. He used the term “the people” about 19 times, vowing to serve the people of Maine and make our lives better. Moments later he trashed a mural celebrating Maine’s labor history and spent most of the past four years beating up on the poor and defenseless and working class. (He also called President Obama a racist. Gives you an idea of the level of this guys’s mentality.) At any rate, due to the deep mourning I’m engaged in, I will not be posting any other thoughts today. I’ll mostly be standing quietly, head bowed, black armband on, preparing for this governor’s next onslaught against “the people.”


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