Pity the poor deer

I won’t belabor this because people should be spending time with friends and family today, not reading some dribblings from an over-the-hill journalist. But I had to express my amazement over learning that the latest method for controlling the burgeoning urban/suburban deer population is spaying the females. I don’t know all the factors that created this human-deer confrontation, but I never imagined we’d try to solve it by applying birth control measures to the deer. The article I read (I think in the Washington Post) said it costs $1000 per deer. Given that every community I’ve lived in for the past 25 years is struggling with the results of having built housing developments in the woods and pastures deer have called home for centuries and the deer refuse to leave, it just seems like surgically altering the deer truly is the unkindest cut of all. I apologize for even bringing this up on Christmas Day…I should be wishing everyone the best of holidays. And I do wish everyone a happy day, and (along with all of my scholarship pageant compatriots) I truly wish for peace on earth and goodwill to all.


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