J’accuse Paul LePage (the meanest, nastiest governor of Maine ever)

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. It’s just meant as a howl against the man who will lead the State of Maine for another four years. As Emile Zola accused his countrymen of perpetrating injustice in his time, I accuse our governor of perpetrating injustice, abuse, insensitivity, and absolute disregard for the humanity of the people who live in Maine. Herewith, the list of accusations:

1. Slapped the face of every hardworking Mainer who ever lived by removing a mural chronicling their experiences from the anteroom of the Maine Department of Labor. (Yes, it finally showed up in a museum, but only after the entire world condemned the governor for behaving in a cruel and ignorant way by threatening to keep the mural locked up out of sight forever.)

2. Refused to provide Maine public schools with the share of state revenue allotted to them by the state legislature, forcing reductions in the quality of education provided to our children.

3. Tried to hand a crooked and dishonest Tea Party contractor $1,000,000 to deliver a bogus “study” of Maine’s welfare programs to support the governor’s intention to take as much of that program away from poor and disadvantaged Mainers as possible.

4. Order food stamp recipients to have their photo placed on food stamp cards, further humiliating those who have already suffered the indignity of having to ask the state for help in meeting their most basic needs.

5. Accused virtually anyone in need of social services in Maine of being criminals, intent on defrauding the state. again slapping people in the face simply for being poor.

6. Put a cap on welfare benefits, regardless of the life circumstances of families if or when they reached the government imposed limit. This governor, despite protestations to the contrary, has no regard for the poor and even less for poor children.

7. Required drug testing for welfare recipients with a history of drug involvement that led to a criminal conviction, the assumption being that anyone who stumbled in the past is still stumbling in the present.

8. Called Social Security income “welfare, pure and simple,” then compounded the insult by sending his press flak out to deny he actually said it, and in the process slapping the faces of thousands and thousands of Mainers who worked hard all of their lives and now depend on the fruits of their labors (through Social Security income) to survive in retirement.

9. Slashed funds for cities and towns that provide aid to undocumented immigrants in emergencies, again acting in total disregard for the families and children who will suffer because the governor has a Scrooge complex.

10. Working on shrinking the list of items welfare recipients can purchase with their assistance funds, again with no apparent regard for what life is like at the bottom, where a candy bar for a child might be a pretty happy day.

11. Eliminated (or will) welfare benefits for adults who have joined the Parents in College program, trying to acquire the education and training that will allow them to do exactly what the governor thinks they should all be able to do: pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

There are other accusations to make, but I was so depressed by the time I compiled this list, I had to stop. Why the people of Maine re-elected this man to lead a state that suffers from a great deal of poverty that was not brought on by the people themselves but by the corporate interests this governor welcomes with open arms is simply beyond my ability to comprehend. All I can do is protest; I wish others would do the same.


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