Where have all the Americans gone?

I’ll keep this short, because no one wants to listen to me whine about how disappointing yesterday’s election was, both here in Maine and across the country. We re-elected one of the meanest, most cold-hearted, bigoted, tea party governors anyone has ever seen. Can’t blame it all on him, though. An egotistical, wealthy Independent stayed in the race for his own self-aggrandizement, and siphoned away votes that might have allowed Democrat Mike Michaud to win and release us from the rudeness, nepotism, and downright mean spiritedness of Paul LePage. If you’re low income in Maine right now, better hold onto your hat and your children. This guy has done a lot of damage to the social safety net in four years; I hate to imagine what he’ll do in eight. My candidate for Congress also took the fall, to a rich bozo who will do exactly nothing for the people of Maine in Washington. But I’ll bet he’ll enjoy some truly fine meals in DC’s chi-chi restaurants. These guys are the worst people I can imagine to have won. They have money, but they don’t have even a tiny shred of noblesse oblige George H.W. Bush (also a Mainer) took with him to Washington. Ditto for Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and the nasty man running Kansas these days. Why would Americans, many of whom are struggling to stay afloat, elect people who have no intention of doing anything to help them get by, let alone get on up? (I’m gonna’ look into that.) The good news is that the new county we live in, Waldo County, generally supported the candidates we did, which makes it a lot easier to live here than, say, Elkhart County, Indiana, where every candidate we ever voted for, except Bill Clinton, lost. Big reminder here (this should go in the manual chapter “How To Live After 65”) is that I shouldn’t expect the political system to address the needs I see all around me. I should find ways to work with like-minded souls to do that ourselves. In the meantime, I don’t expect to hear anyone outside the country club singing “Happy Days Are Here Again.”


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